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Инструкция Terraria on Android - It's Better On A Tablet террария на планшет игра terraria на планшет андроид terraria на планшете террария на планшете видео в террарии механик на планшете террария ин

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A quick overview of Terraria On Android powered by the Branches application by developer Brad Gearon. Check it out on the DroidNerds website for more information and an installation video.The original Article: installation video: Новое видео

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madeyoul # 19 февраля 2013 в 17:07 0
do? u neex to root plz answer
igor # 19 февраля 2013 в 17:10 0
Can we connect to servers? That? would be awesome.
rayquaza # 19 февраля 2013 в 17:19 0
Question.. Can it run like on PC, on a Galaxy? Tab Note ? (1.4 Ghz, 2GB RAM ) ( I mean, Same Framerate, Lights, Graphic Quality , etc )
sqlava # 19 февраля 2013 в 17:47 0
Would? you be able to connect servers?
droidner # 19 февраля 2013 в 17:53 0
It's going to be a universal program - although currently it's a little buggy. If I were you, I would wait until the next release which should be soon. When that release goes live there will be loads of included fixes and compatibility for? a new game as well.
binaryxi # 19 февраля 2013 в 18:08 0
how? exactly will i know when that happens (other that subscribing)
herpader # 19 февраля 2013 в 19:57 0
How do you? save?
droidner # 19 февраля 2013 в 21:16 0
Like we said in the post and in the video, without a hardware key to map it to (AKA the Transformer's dock, or something similar) You won't be able to bind the inventory to a button just yet. Brad said that a fix would be in an upcoming update in the future.?
droidner # 19 февраля 2013 в 22:11 0
No. We're not going to send you the .apk of the purchased content, as that's the whole? point of following the tutorial is making sure that you OWN the game. Sorry.
nldallox # 19 февраля 2013 в 23:34 0
Terraria is like $10, sometimes on sales $2.50, if you dont even have that then? wtf?


Видео галерея - фильмы,сериалы и трейлеры