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Фильм про войну Google Voice Search vs. Siri (Android 4.1 Jelly Bean) siri voina siri voina voina norkotik siri google новые фильмы о войне гугл про воину филмы филм про воину

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худ фильмы про войну Written article at this video, I compare the all new Google Voice Search (or Voice Actions) on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to Siri on the iPhone 4S. I've done a test like this in the past and Siri won, but Voice Search has been updated with the latest version of Android so its time for a rematch. I test both voice assistants for accuracy, speed, and understanding. I use the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (only phone with 4.1 currently) for Voice Search.Facebook: Русские военные фильмы смотреть онлайн

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jamie # 5 июля 2013 в 09:52 0
Go iPhone!!!?
wngmv # 5 июля 2013 в 20:05 0
And? that was Android 4.1 too.
hetr14 # 6 июля 2013 в 20:31 0
Droid? life
gabe # 7 июля 2013 в 06:51 0
Had that nexus it? was sweet but battery sux and never got service even when i lived in perfect 4g zone
hazan123 # 8 июля 2013 в 19:07 0
How come on my incredible s, when i use Google? voice and say for example: "what is today's' weather", it shows the results on Google chrome? because on this video, it is something other than the web browser.
hazan123 # 9 июля 2013 в 16:28 0
Yep, i flashed? unofficial cm10.1 which is Jellybean 4.2.1 :D and it seems to be working just like in the video.
orgq3mas # 9 июля 2013 в 23:07 0
as a guy from Germany i'm pretty screwed because? Google Now (or at least the Voice Search) is not implemented yet on german devices, whereas my iphone friends already enjoy Siri on german. i'm really looking forward to a german implemention :)
wawawaaw # 10 июля 2013 в 07:21 0
siri better cuz you cant? talk to google voice like you can siri
moneycas # 11 июля 2013 в 14:05 0
All? day
hudzz # 12 июля 2013 в 13:41 0
is this nexus 4 . please respond ASAP!?
bruno # 13 июля 2013 в 08:43 0
I'm current trying to use Google Voice Search actions but I just get google searchs, my phone it's a Galaxy S3 it's running Jelly Bean, I'm from Brazil but the phone it's configured for english,? anyone?
phillip # 13 июля 2013 в 12:26 0
Apple? sucks.
sansimcj # 13 июля 2013 в 17:21 0
Just got galaxy? s3. Wonder how good this is
bluebadg # 15 июля 2013 в 01:48 0
In reality...? Siri is GLaDOS...
thegaga9 # 15 июля 2013 в 04:52 0
damn this video is from may and even if it was iphone 5,once again the result is the same-google is best now? apple bitches! :))
garidi19 # 15 июля 2013 в 20:21 0
Iphone 5 international unlocked?
neilsonj # 17 июля 2013 в 07:51 0
Siri is always? asking permitions,, which others might not like
joseph # 17 июля 2013 в 12:50 0
iPhone 5,? white, Vodafone
chancis # 17 июля 2013 в 16:11 0
iPhone black please AT&T thanks?
kasianow # 18 июля 2013 в 13:24 0
iPhone 5? Rogers
bryan # 19 июля 2013 в 11:57 0
Gs3Metro PCsAny TVs?
chenuka # 19 июля 2013 в 19:00 0
Wow!Google now is awsomeIm gonna buy a android device this? season
hdarken # 19 июля 2013 в 20:22 0
Cause? then Siri would not work cause Siri uses Google Search LOL.
deladrag # 19 июля 2013 в 23:39 0
matheus # 20 июля 2013 в 06:53 0
you do know that's the galaxy nexus, not the the gn4 right?btw the? nexus isn't on the latest os either.
bills350 # 21 июля 2013 в 17:32 0
LOL!!! Actually the iPhone5 off contract is more than twice the Nexus 4. Nice try isheep. You're talking about ON CONTRACT PRICE you moron. Why is? that so hard to understand????????????????????­???????????? Nexus 4 on contract can be had for $50 today from T-Mobile. Not that signing contracts is smart but then again, you're using an iPhone.
bmf3842 # 23 июля 2013 в 20:07 0
That's not? what your mother said
thebaz56 # 23 июля 2013 в 23:36 0
Has anyone tot? iced he asked almost the same questions as the john4lakers video asked.
wicky # 24 июля 2013 в 01:56 0
Google? wins..!! Yayy :D
katherin # 24 июля 2013 в 11:15 0
i hate u! ?
dealsaua # 24 июля 2013 в 20:53 0
BTW, this is a iOS 5 Siri vs 4.1 Jelly Bean Voice Search.Want a iOS 6 vs Jelly7 Bean VS, view the Video Response video:Siri vs. Google Now : 21 Questions For iPhone 5It clearly shows an Answer Engine that searches multiple sources including Google and a voice activated Google Search.The new Google Voice is a big step fwd for Android; and my Galaxy if they release 4.1 for? it..But Siri is THE Answer Engine!
deladrag # 24 июля 2013 в 21:41 0
4.2 jelly bean owns io6 i'd rather pay ?160 for 16gb google nexus than over ?300 for some crap load of iphone 5. when siri says im thinking its not? trying to be funny, its searching google
mapmaker # 25 июля 2013 в 00:54 0
look like. Siri need memory card.? for remember.
nuggz503 # 25 июля 2013 в 10:09 0
Siri sounds like the type that will? take over your home security system then kill you with the automatic garage opener. Siri..not so much.
dealsaua # 26 июля 2013 в 01:50 0
The test is bogus, not because the results are false (they aren't), but because the technologies are different. Google Voice only searches google, while Siri goes to an answer engine that searches multiple sources and comes back with what it thinks are the best answers, so NATURALLY it'll take more time? since it doesn't only search 1 source!
ragebull # 26 июля 2013 в 06:05 0
You are truly an apple zombie....falling for all of their gimmicks. Siri was cool when it launched and now google is showing Apple how to? do voice search right. Get over it.
ragebull # 26 июля 2013 в 12:47 0
With Apple's stock dropping....It looks like the craze of apple zombies might finally come to an end. Nothing in your argument is fact. Siri is simply overrated because it was on the market first. Google actually took their old voice search and kept improving on it, and it continues to improve, while the speed of siri remains at a stand still. So shut up you little Apple? fanboy and keep paying $450 for that precious brick you call a phone.
dealsaua # 26 июля 2013 в 16:30 0
Also, as u've said, Google took their voice search and improved on it...I AGREE, but it's still far from as complete as Siri, which is? why you can't compare the two! a Voice Search vs a complete Answer engine, scheduler, app darter, etc etc. All FACT, as I've mentioned before!Ans Siri was already ahead of everything else, and Apple just made tweaks to make it even greater. It's hard to impress ppl with new Siri mods when it's already the world leader!
ragebull # 27 июля 2013 в 07:14 0
"engineering that give you a larger screen"? Lol, My Galaxy S 2 has a larger screen than the iCrap....let alone a Galaxy S 3. ? The width of the iCrap five is mind-boggling as to why they made it really tall but not wide. Not to mention the resolution of the screen is really low compared to a lot droids which can run 1280x720 easily. And talking about housing filaments and shit, I don't even think you know what you're talking about anymore. Just stop you fucking fanboy dumbass.
thoth81 # 28 июля 2013 в 19:17 0
I own an S3 and like it. My friend has an iPhone 5 and lets me play with it. I? think they're both pretty awesome. I don't understand why people get so worked up about the tools/toys we use. Sucks that people want to bash you for stating why you prefer one over the other...
rodrigo # 29 июля 2013 в 04:01 0
Google products are better than apple ones, if you prefere Iphone? you should feel bad...
mrwes95 # 29 июля 2013 в 04:31 0
There is a physical button option. He just wasn't using? it.
jake # 29 июля 2013 в 10:50 0
25 minutes after the video, you know? that alarm made him freak out for a second
matthew # 30 июля 2013 в 03:30 0
Siri used to be way better but Google has cough up fast. but i still like iOS better. and Google voice search is now available for? iOS. but Siri isn't so on iOS you can have both. so iOS still wins. LOL!
sami # 30 июля 2013 в 15:17 0
that's wrong . you? get Google search on iPhone but you only get Google voice with Google tablet or android device (jelly bean) there two different things .
sami # 31 июля 2013 в 03:13 0
wowww. i also got htc one x, iPhone 4s and note 2. solve your opinion in? your Ass.
imreally # 31 июля 2013 в 22:28 0
I want the? Apple design with Android UI
harispal # 1 августа 2013 в 09:07 0
They are different because siri can search something on the internet but it can also do other? stuff like "turn on the alarm".google search can only search something on the internet...so SIRI WINS!!!
tfnmi # 1 августа 2013 в 09:15 0
loool, did you watch the video? he told google search to remind him to walk the dog in 30 minutes and it? immediately set an alarm for it. 4:17
krastan # 1 августа 2013 в 21:40 0
when he asked for the? speed of light siri said that the interpretation is jerk


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