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Фильм о войне What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)

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Советские фильмы о войне Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup Revealed.By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. Our innate intelligence tells us these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet has probed the questions: who is doing this and why. With the release of this video, all of that has changed. Here is the story of a rapidly developing industry called geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water — all supposedly for the betterment of mankind. Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 — and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health. We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it. Do not watch this documentary if you have high blood pressure.• Expected ship date October 22, 2010• Runtime 95 minutes• Produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenbergerfilm makers are encouraging everyone who purchases a DVD to make copies and hand out for free in support of thier vision of making this issue known to all. DVDs can be ordered at www.truthmediaproductions.us"Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign" "Chem-Trail" "Geo-Engineering" "Distributed Aerosol Campaign" "Weather Modification" "Soft Kill" "Eugenics" "Chemtrail Dispersions" "Nanoparticles" "Nano-Tech" "Aluminum" "Barium Salts" "Contrail" "Chronic Wasting Disease" "Alzheimers" "Biological Weaponry" "Bio-Weapon" "RNA" "DNA" "Spraying Operations" "Fibers" "Heavy Metals" "Toxic" "Detox" "Atmospheric Weapons" "Atmosphere" "Atmospheric Geoengineering" "California Skywatch" " Solar Radiation Management" "Rosalind Peterson" "Soil Pollution" "Lack of Vitamin D" "Rocket Fuel" "Jet Trails" "Upper Atmospheric Testing" Русские военные фильмы смотреть онлайн

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benjamin # 1 августа 2013 в 20:47 0
Maybe this is what killed all those birds, and whales that washed ashore.?
sublimin # 1 августа 2013 в 20:48 0
Oh you're so insightful. Thanks for the revelation man, let's? all kill ourselves.
movitmov # 1 августа 2013 в 20:52 0
of all the mainstream conspiracy theories, chemtrails is the most difficult to believe. i've? yet to see or read anything even remotely convincing.
belfrey1 # 1 августа 2013 в 20:58 0
What evidence is that? Is it more sheep-like to blindly accept these claims, or to critically? examine them?
belfrey1 # 1 августа 2013 в 21:00 0
That's some twisted logic -? but par for the course, for a racist. I'm white, but proudly anti-racist. I'm sure the other conspiracists hate it when you come around.
ineke # 1 августа 2013 в 21:04 0
Go veganMany deseases come? forth from the animal products use.
zombiech # 1 августа 2013 в 21:04 0
I would lve to get tests done here in ogden ut. we live in a? bowl so to speak and our air quality has gotten really bad in the winter we are always in the red and yellow, you see chem trails almost everyday.
mmdillon # 1 августа 2013 в 21:06 0
Question: 8:58 Effects of aluminum particles on human health?Answer: 9:08 We haven't published it, but it was the first thing we looked atThat's like a teacher asking a student? about material that was to be read for homework:T: What started WWll?S: That's essential to the story, so it was the first thing I read!T: So, how did it start?S: Let me be careful about how I say this so I don't blow my cover, here: I'm still involved in reading it, so I'm not ready to give an answer.
rasmus # 1 августа 2013 в 21:26 0
Just shot a video after I came home from a walk. Now the entire sky is hazy, it's colder and even more planes are passing over my? head. I live farely close to the local airport - and the planes are crossing above my town when descending og taking off. These trails are not normal flight paths. And they are definetely not contrails.
rasmus # 1 августа 2013 в 21:31 0
I grew up? here and I know a lot about jet-engines and airplanes in general. True true that airplanes are crossing the area in great numbers - and destinations. But - as I wrote - those are not contrails.
rasmus # 1 августа 2013 в 21:42 0
What makes? you think they aren't? In all respect - why are you even questioning me, my knowledge or my observasitions? And do I really have to explain WHY the tracks stay there? I think it's best if you look it up yourself;-)
rasmus # 1 августа 2013 в 21:55 0
I you want to know something - look it up. And if you want to doubt - come around to my place. We'll have? a cup of coffee and you may ask as many questions as you like - and i'll answer them.
rasmus # 1 августа 2013 в 21:59 0
Do you think that I haven't - and if - why?! I live here - for crying out loud. Come around for? coffee and you'll see.
rasmus # 1 августа 2013 в 22:01 0
Why is it nessecary for you to have me prove things in plenum? Have you watched the video that you're commenting on? And are you being paid to be ignorant? Jeg er den bong, som ikke kan ryges til. Velkommen til? kaffe og kage. Over and out.
shawn # 1 августа 2013 в 22:01 0
Belfry1 and others are just trying to bury dialogue with redundant nonsense. You have to scroll through their crap? or do your own research.
shawn # 1 августа 2013 в 22:04 0
Is the weather being modified??
shawn # 1 августа 2013 в 22:08 0
Why are? persistent contrails never mentioned in weather forecasts? They are responsible for many overcast days, and as such, they are in effect part of the weather.
shawn # 1 августа 2013 в 22:10 0
My observation is that they have a very noticeable warming effect. I've pretty much concluded that this is the cause of global warming. That's not exactly what I? meant though. Weathermen and women usually give explanations about why it's going to be sunny or raining or partly cloudy, etc. What I'm saying is... these persistent contrails occur regularly and are the cause for overcast days. Why don't they just tell us that, if it's so harmless?
shawn # 1 августа 2013 в 22:15 0
Oh no, they are often fully the cause. We can easily see it from the ground. I'm sure meteorologists are very aware that persistent contrails turn into solid cloud cover. As? a meteorologist, you'd have to be blind to not see them overtake the sky. Yet they never mention persistent contrails. My observations note a huge warming effect.
shawn # 1 августа 2013 в 22:19 0
What I'm saying and so many others are saying is that we see these persistent contrails take over the sky without cirrus formations. The chemtrails themselves become the overcast sky. You can see this from the ground on a regular basis. It's not rocket science and we don't need NASA or? any other organization to confirm our observations.
shawn # 1 августа 2013 в 22:22 0
Of course it's part of larger systems, but quite often the airplane trails? are 100% responsible for the overcast sky. In those cases, it's an ugly whitish haze. When it is thick like you are talking about, it's impossible to say how much is natural and how much is trail. The thing is, is that they are now a big part of our weather and should be reported as such in weather forecasts.
shawn # 1 августа 2013 в 22:22 0
I don't see it either. I don't see them as being natural, with? the exception that people are not separate from nature... and so everything is natural.
shawn # 1 августа 2013 в 22:25 0
Not all; probably most; at least half? of the ones I see.
binary # 1 августа 2013 в 22:32 0
I find it disturbing how often someone is demanding I believe these are contrails. Doesn't make sense to me.I have literally NEVER hunted down a topic for the purposes of "Debunking" it.I have, however, watched planes go from leaving contrails- to leaving MASSIVE chemtrails after a device was triggered near the ailerons on larger aircraft & in one instance off of the tailerons of a private jet, Through Binoculars.Pilots, You Might Not? Know You're Doing This.
binary # 1 августа 2013 в 22:33 0
I don't wish to argue with you over this anymore. If I wanted to argue; I'd go to godlikeproductions where the nutjobs there think we have produced completely spherical airplanes that naturally shoot fire, in distances exceeding? 100 miles, out of the back, & also call that contrails.I know what I've seen through a pair of high magnification binoculars & I know what happens when I breathe the shit in.
binary # 1 августа 2013 в 22:40 0
Holy shit. That pond had a film of 35% Aluminum/Strontium covering it. That's Lethal to all? forms of life. THEY'RE KILLING US ON PURPOSE.
binary # 1 августа 2013 в 22:48 0
Excuse yourself that you think I don't know how to do mathematics. It was? 375,000 Parts Per Million. Which literally means 37.5% of the film of that pond was Aluminum/Strontium. In the terms you're referring to it would've been 375 milliliters out of a Liter.Now tell your boss, who hired you for disinformation that when I find him- I'm sinking my foot 10 inches into his ass.
binary # 1 августа 2013 в 22:49 0
So I? listened to him quote it incorrectly. God Damnit, what a fuck up for such an important topic. It is still 375 times above the limit for when it's a federal violation to not sound alarms & warn the citizens.Upon proving you correct I also accidentally ran across a more alarming report of a sample from the Pit River Arm Tributary; where they found 4,610,000 ug/l & this was back in 2008. It's, higher now, no doubt. I think I'll conduct a test on a tree in my yard now.
binary # 1 августа 2013 в 22:57 0
I'd rather be sweating like? I'm at the equator & have natural weather patterns. I'd rather put up with no standard winter, or the seasons changing places, than be poisoned if I want to go out and stand in the rain. And one day, when I discover who's responsible for starting the mis-information campaign that demands you refuse to acknowledge this is happening= I'm going to kick that bastard so hard, he'll need his chest surgically opened to find his testicles.
thelegen # 1 августа 2013 в 22:57 0
bio chemists and scientists are being systematically murdered!?
growndwe # 1 августа 2013 в 22:59 0
Why I would waste my life worrying? about this bullshit when the crap in my food is probably feeding a cancer in me right now is beyond me.
pectinma # 1 августа 2013 в 23:00 0
It has a taste. Just? like none other before.
onefourw # 1 августа 2013 в 23:02 0
LOL here are some quotes from PPRuNe about chemtrail believers"A? national protest (against chemtrrail)held a few weeks ago garnered fewer than 60 people over both Oz and NZ and was hailed as a huge success. "LOL and"There is a reason for the low turn outs at these meets. All the rest are out buying and spraying vinegar to dissolve the 'chemtrails'. Just think what the skies would look like if it wasn't for the vinegar sprayers!"LoL too too funny
slyn # 1 августа 2013 в 23:03 0
No no no! You sprout these as if you have some mystical keys to reality. How about examining the FACTS!Weather modification patents: Yes, I've been directed to view patents. Logically the existance of patent is not proof of activity."The Army sprayed virusus"? Cite the reference. Again, just because some research took place is not proof of activity."Mechanics coming forward"? BS. There have been some hoax claims that have been debunked by attention seeking liars and that's? it.Its a hoax.
todd # 1 августа 2013 в 23:10 0
now I gotta go watch that movie? again!
onefourw # 1 августа 2013 в 23:17 0
Showing these chemtards how real pilots are laughing at their retarded "chemtrail' bologna does little / no good.. The chemtards are so? delusional they think they somehow know more about the trails then pilotsBut hey, if anyone wants to see what pilots think about "chemtrail" bs ..look up the fourms at "Pilots Of America" or "AOPA" or The Professional Pilots Rumour Network (PPRuNe) etc etc
onefourw # 1 августа 2013 в 23:21 0
LOL that is why I like to remind the chemtards two factsA) The FAA has never issued a Airman Certificate to a sheepB)In fact, Sheep are simple minded creatures that just stand on the ground and look up as aircraft fly over .. their little minds unable to comprehend what they are seeing.. the just stare up at the sky and whine " BAA? ... chemtrails .. BAA .. chetrails .. BAA"..
onefourw # 1 августа 2013 в 23:22 0
LOL The? REALITY is chemtards, such as pectin, are rarely seen in public talking their "chemtrails" delusions. That is because chemtards know that their retard chemtrail whine will get laughed at by the vast majority ( 99.99%) of the sane educated adults ... and that is why little pectin was too chicken shit to show his chemtard face at the airport when I dared him to talk his shit in front of me (face to face) ....aahh what the matter pectin?? ..reality too much for you to handle LOL
belfrey1 # 1 августа 2013 в 23:24 0
Airline pilots have good reason to be angry about "chemtrails" promoters, since some believers advocate shooting planes down or harassing pilots because they are leaving persistent contrails.By the way, "whisky" is the phonetic alphabet call for the letter? "W". Pretty sure that 14W (onefourwhisky) is some sort of aviation designation, not a reference to alcohol.
belfrey1 # 1 августа 2013 в 23:30 0
Everyone has the right to be angry. But it's a serious problem when they're calling to shoot down ordinary planes full of passengers and crew because they? wrongly believe they are "spraying" something, when really it's just persistent contrails. That's part of the reason I find debunking "chemtrails" worthwhile (while I ignore the Nibiru stuff, etc.). It's not a completely harmless idea.
belfrey1 # 1 августа 2013 в 23:33 0
I absolutely agree - and so do most of the main scientists who are studying the possibility of doing that for the future. That's why people like David Keith have been vocal with the opinion that we should focus on cutting emissions now, and? not rely on geoengineering to "fix" things.
belfrey1 # 1 августа 2013 в 23:33 0
That's basically the "chemtrails" claim (at least, one version of it), but there's no evidence that it's the case.? The trails in the sky appear in every way to be ordinary persistent contrails - which may have some effect on climate, but are not the result of intentional "spraying". Just exhaust.One could argue that we are unintentionally "geoengineering" the planet with all of our emissions - but in that respect, aircraft are not even close to being the biggest way we do that.
shawn # 1 августа 2013 в 23:35 0
I would? also say that we need to have a lot more respect for nature itself. Do we need to fix things? Yes. But we should also be thinking about advancing our humanity. Was it Einstein who said something to the effect that, "Our technology has surpassed our humanity"?
belfrey1 # 1 августа 2013 в 23:43 0
There is no airline that? doesn't leave persistent contrails.
shawn # 1 августа 2013 в 23:43 0
I agree on your point that idiots are the real threat to? our civilization. Beyond that, you're on your own.
shawn # 1 августа 2013 в 23:44 0
Do you understand that your language projects not only your command of the English language, but also your intelligence level? You might want to brush up on? it son.
shawn # 1 августа 2013 в 23:47 0
He is an? idiot shill. I'm not so sure about God. I believe in nature.
slyn # 1 августа 2013 в 23:47 0
Morons like you who believe in chemtrails have been taught to read by Seaseme? St., about the world by MTV and Youtube and what to think by conspiracy.o rg.And then you have the cheek to say that you are 'informed'.Get a real education, Son!
todd # 1 августа 2013 в 23:50 0
he/she is g....informer/debunker, ignore the troll. They have lost and millions are? now rising....people are not as stupid as they thought.
slyn # 1 августа 2013 в 23:53 0
You obviously have a brain? set in concrete anyway, hoaxer. Keep smokin' that pipe whilst you live in your paranoid little Disneyland.You have obviously been sucked in by this mass deception.


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